Men’s Sweatsuits

Put on your plush velour Sweatsedo brand sweatsuit  and find your speed of leisure. The velour jogging suit is a timeless piece, perfect for relaxing at home or stepping out for some fun. Sweatsedo has you covered for so many occasions.  Our customizable velour jogging suits are 100% velour and built for comfort and style at any age.  Our flagship men’s sweatsuits are ideal for any leisure sport, the best apres ski wear, lounging around, celebrating at a beerfest, party, traveling, or everyday wear.  Choose your velour jogging suit and personalize your sweatsuit with your name, company logo, or embroider it for any event where you want to leave a lasting impression. The men's velour tracksuit looks great on any individual and awesomely powerful on any group. Check out our variety of men's velour tracksuits, as well as our selection of shorts, vests, jackets, pants, hooded pullovers, party armor, and Sweatsedo branded accessories. Let us help you find your speed of leisure!  Click Here for our Mens Size Chart.