Friends of Sweatsedo

Pics of some of our Favorite Peeps in their Velour Tracksuits & Sweatsuits

A defining quality of the Sweatsedo has always been an element of fun. Whether you are hanging out with your friends and having a few beers, or hitting the slopes, everything is more fun in a custom tracksuit from Sweatsedo. We have made it our mission to never lose this attribute, while simultaneously delivering the best custom velour suits available on the market today.

Below you can see how the Sweatsedo team and other customers choose to have fun in their custom Sweatsedos and we would love to see what you do in your Sweatsedo!

Feel free to email your velour tracksuit pictures to or send them through the old-fashioned mail!

Sweatsedo = more fun when shared with friends

Sweatsedo @The Hard Rock - Vegas

Jimmy's Ladies

Jimmy's Guys

Another Day at the Office

MTV Super Bowl Spectacular - Backstage w/ Wee Man's Stunt Double

Cruisin' USA

The King's Pad and Graceland


New England Sedo

Dream Light

Red Team Always Wins

Homer the OG

Walk of Shame - Nantucket, MA


No Cameras Please

The Original Patsedo


Après Ski - Squaw Valley USA

Tennis Anyone?

Boating Velour

The Book of T

Winners Take Home a Beautiful Sweatsedo

Baby Blue Crew - Rollin' Strong

Good Things Happen in Vegas



Check out Cedric the Entertainer rocking a Burgundy Superstar in the movie Street Kings!


Go Wild in Your Sweatsedo

So take your custom tracksuit to Vegas, rock it on a plane, or cheer on your favorite sports team in a matching velour suit. Whether you are buying as a gift, for yourself, or for a group, you can’t go wrong with ordering a custom Sweatsedo. Placing an order is easier than ever. Add your items to our online shopping cart and add any customizations you desire. Your Sweatsedo will be on its way in no time. If you have any questions about our ordering process, contact us directly at 775-883-2096, and one of our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you.