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Navy Blue Velour Sweatsedo 
Bling Bling Hockey Sticks & Pucks down the arms & legs

When the pads come off, the comfort begins 
If your team colors are not shown, send a message we might be able to make it!

Product Specs

-80% cotton and 20% polyester
-Beautiful topaz & Clear rhinestone footballs down the arms and legs
-Jacket with full front zipper (only the best with YKK) and two zippered pockets
-Pants come with two front pockets and one zippered back pocket

*This product is imported

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As if this velour sweatsuit doesn’t stand out enough on its own, you can add custom embroidery,embellishments, and rhinestones to your sweatsuit. Simply fill out the form below with embroidery type, thread color, rhinestones, and extra information to stylize your Sweatsedo!

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