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USA Sweatsuit

Work Hard & Play Hard in Customized Comfort!

Welcome to the Sweatsedo party! In fact, we were actually inspired after a couple of parties… Some of our friends showed up in outrageous sweatsuits, and they looked so good and very comfortable. We began buying velour sweatsuits to sell; however, we found that they were quite gigantic. We began researching how to make our own to develop a business plan far superior to our competitors. Custom monogramming and embellishment is done in-house too. So, seriously, kick back, relax and enjoy the party in personalized comfort.

It's Truly the Tuxedo of Sweatsuits

Whether you’re looking for velour sweatsuits for your sports team, or would rather have a customized one to sport around town, Sweatsedo has you FULLY covered! It doesn’t stop there… Our sweatsuits are designed to make you feel good. We use the most comfortable fabrics, from velour and terry cloth to other really soft materials. We also offer a variety of embroidery thread colors, fonts and a collection of rhinestones, so you can embellish your Sweatsedo to bring out your personality.

Let Our Dream Become Yours!

We’re a small business passionate about making quality loungewear in beautiful, vibrant colors exactly to your liking. Whether you coach a cheer team, party with friends or have an amazing bunch of coworkers, get the whole group velour tracksuits or cheer warm ups for a time full of comfortable fun! Sweatsedos are available for all ages to enjoy!

Check out our selection, place your order and be sure to call 775-883-2096 if you have any questions or need your personalized velour tracksuits delivered in less than 1 - 2 days! Remember, don’t forget to move at the speed of leisure and enjoy responsibly!

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