Doesn't Your Dad Deserve More Than a Tie?

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The traditional Father's Day gift is a tie. Yes, a necktie! Has any Dad in the history of Dads ever responded with genuine enthusiasm to a tie? No. At best, you're getting thanked through a clenched-jaw grin. And, let’s be real, it’s a constricting piece of business attire that is anything but comfortable. So this year, why not do away with the unimaginative conventions and get him something he’ll really love?

Two words for you

You want to get your dad something that he'll actually smile about? That he'll want to wear? That he'll genuinely thank you for, and then take you outside for that game of catch you always dreamed of? We've got one compound word for you: Tracksuit. If that's not enough, fine, we'll make it two words: Velour tracksuit.

It’s time to tracksuit-up

This is the man who taught you to ride a bike—yes he deserves the comfort of being wrapped in high-quality velour. Make this the last summer that his old, stained sweatpants see, with a Sweatsedo tracksuit. It's a classic look with modern styling and comfort—his dad might have had one back in the day, and it probably was pretty groovy, but those '70s synthetic fabrics were itchy and highly conducive to inappropriate sweating. Sweatsedo sweatsuits are ultra plush, and they've got the extras you want (zippered pockets galore), without the stuff you don’t (pointless company logos). And the sizes go up to 3XL, to fit every lovable dad out there.

Style options that are customizable

If you think your dad isn't a tracksuit guy (though given the right tracksuit, we're damn sure any dad could become a tracksuit guy), we've still got you covered. Wait, we've got him covered. Well whichever it is, you've got options when it comes to giving him a Father's Day gift that makes up for that science fair project that nearly became a three-alarm blaze. From hooded sweatshirts and sweatpants, to full-on Party Armour, you can give your dad comfort without compromising on style.

Plus, instead of an insincere and generic sentiment (we're looking at you, "#1 Dad" mug), you can customize any Sweatsedo with embroidery, rhinestones, or both. With more than a dozen colors of bling and nearly 30 embroidery thread options, you've got like—well, let’s just say a lot of options. So ditch the ties, tools, and golf tees, and get him a gift he'll be genuinely happy to receive, with Sweatsedo.

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